Record Express is a professional record retrieval company serving clients nationally and internationally. Our extensive database allows our team to request and retrieve records from the right source quickly and efficiently…

Record Express offers professional Medical Record Analysis. Medical records are reviewed by an experienced nurse to meet your needs. We know that concise and thorough review is required to achieve a successful outcome…

Successful litigation outcomes often require a thorough understanding of a plaintiff’s medical expenses. This can be true whether you are plaintiff or defense counsel. Record Express medical billing professionals produce a variety of medical billing summaries and analysis…

Record Express, obtains Attending Physician Statements for people seeking Life, Disability or Long Term Care Insurance. An APS is one of the most common ordered sources of medical background information…


We provide Paramedical Exams for people seeking Life, Disability or Long Term Care Insurance. Before issuing a policy, a paramedical professional gathers medical background information to fulfill life insurance underwriting requirements.

Record Express helps organizations eliminate file cabinets and boxes of documents. We reduce document retrieval headaches and help keep your files safe. Our team of document imaging specialists scan documents of many types including…


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